*photo circa 1931                                       

Ashland Thomas has been in the entertainment business his entire life, performing professionally for the first time at the age of three.  He's been an actor, voice artist, writer, director, producer, musician & composer, song & dance man, and in the most recent years has focused solely on his passion for photography.  He's been published, reviewed, awarded, and exhibited, and has been a contributor to countless blogs, websites, and publications.

He considers himself an East Coast boy, having grown up on the coast of Virginia and spending summers with family on the beaches of North Carolina.  Always fascinated by cameras, he was the unofficial photographer for every family event and was always catching behind the scenes moments with his first camera, a Polaroid Sun 600, which he still owns today.  He spent most of his childhood traveling all across the United States by car, and was within hours of beautiful landscapes like Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Hidden Valley, the beaches of the East Coast and New England, and big cities like Washington, D.C., Nashville, Cincinnati, and New York.

This travel instilled a love for the awe and beauty of nature and landscapes, wildlife, and the Great Outdoors.  He's also been fortunate enough to travel all over the world, including some very excluded & exotic locales, and has spent time in almost every major city in the U.S.  This has curated a love of world cultures, fashion, architecture and design.  Although Ashland loves working with models, performers, and designers from all over the world, architecture is a true passion, one he hopes to expand in the coming years.

Ashland's unique blend of seeing both the big picture and the finite details give him an advantage when shooting, a skillset he honed while producing & directing for many years for stage & screen. Having been both a performer and a director, he has a distinct advantage when working with actors & models alike to coax the best performance out of them for what is required to create a lasting image with your portrait or headshot, or for creating a unique vision & atmosphere for fashion or even interior design.

A shoot with Ash will always been entertaining, light, fun, and casual, something he feels is a must to get the best from the subject.  He's also a perfectionist, and will work with you to ensure you receive the results you want.

Ashland only hopes that his eye catches yours and that you can share, even for a brief moment, the inspiration he shares with his photographs. 

Ashland Thomas lives with his pet hamster, Waldo, talks to himself a lot, loves to travel, and is currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

*that was a joke, but seriously, this is a really old photograph